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Wyndham is  the northern most town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, this  historic  town  was  settled  in  the  mid  1800’s so has plenty of history to explore. In the day it was used to service the Halls Creek goldmines and export live cattle and sugar cane.

Take the  Great  Northern  Hwy  and  following  the  road  to  Wyndham.

Distance 100km  =  1  hour  drive

Local Wyndham attractions  including:

  • The Big  Crocodile is 20m long it the greeting visitors receive when they enter Wyndham town
  • Bastion Range  – 360° views from the highest point in Wyndham leaves you in awe of this beautiful country.
  • Five Rivers  Lookout – at the peak of the Bastion Range you can see where the five mighty rivers flow into the ocean
  • Wyndham Port The Port was established in 1886 to service the East Kimberley cattle industry pioneered by the Durack family and others.
  • Wyndham Port Heritage Trails  – get your copy of the brochure from the Boab Gallery, choice either a walk or drive trail
  • Three Mile  Valley – two walking trails located at the base of the Bastion Range, one heads up the Bastion Range, offering awe-inspiring landscape views; the other will take you along the Three Mile Valley Creek where you can take in waterholes and (in the wet) beautiful waterfalls.
  • Aboriginal Dreamtime Statues, located on Koolama Street in Wyndham, these large bronze statues are of an Aboriginal family and native Australian animals. They are a testimony to the proud Aboriginal history in the region.
  • Wyndham Museum contains the interesting history of Wyndham and the early settlement, fascinating photos, journals and other memorabilia.
  • Cemeteries: Pioneer, Afghan  and  Gully – these three separate Cemeteries are the resting places of early pioneers of Wyndham and East Kimberley and Afghan settlers
  • Australia’s Largest Boab  Tree  in  Captivity  is located in the Wyndham Caravan Park and is about  25m at its widest point

Cambridge  Gulf Cambridge Gulf is a gulf on the north coast of Western Australia, it experiences two large tidal flows each day between 7 and 9 metres. Many rivers flow into the gulf including the Ord River, Pentecost River, Durack River, King River and the Forrest River.

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