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Waterfalls & Waterholes

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Most visitors to Kununura and the East Kimberley come during the dry season. So, dare to be different and experience a whole other Kimberley holiday! Early April and May are the best months to see the most spectacular waterfalls Mother Nature dared to dream up.

Bring a camera and your bathers….

Note: Whilst the falls don’t run all year round, there is usually plenty of water to enjoy a swim

The  Grotto

On  the  way  to  Wyndham,  the turn  off  is  on  the  left  side

Distance  70km  =  45min  drive  from  Kununurra

The  Grotto  is  a  magnificent  gorge  that  provides  a  picturesque  and  safe  swimming  spot.  The  120  metre  cliff  face  drops into  the  water  and  becomes  a  spectacular  waterfall  during  the  wet  season  (see  the  photo  in  Reception!).    Take  the  140  steps  down  to  the  swimming  hole  that  is  believed  to  be  400m  deep.

Ivanhoe Crossing

Ivanhoe Crossing was once used as the old road to Wyndham, the mighty Ord River flows over the crossing making it another photographers dream spot. Pretty to look at but definitely a NO SWIM zone. Barra fishing from the bank is permissible but Be Crocwise as this is prevalent in croc spotting.

Middle Springs

Middle Springs is a great family location, easy access to waterhole and shaded picnic areas available. The road in is definitely 4WD as the terrain is bumpy but worth the effort. Take a hike to the top of the falls for spectacular views over the valley. You often find small pools in the top side too.

Black Rock Falls

Black Rock Falls is a short drive from Middle Springs but is uniquely different with its black rock cliff face spilling over with a gushing waterfall into a tranquil pool beneath. It’s a short trek in from the carpark but is a bit rocky underfoot. These waters don’t see much light due to the high walls surrounding the pool, the water is so cool and refreshing.

Valentine Springs

Valentine Springs is another one you have to pass through to get to the others, so it makes for a great stop along the way. 2WD accessible and easy access to the low, shallow pools.

Molly Springs

Molly Springs is the locals’ secret spot. The turn off is approximately 30km along the highway (Wyndham direction) and is not signposted. A small pool, water all year-round, plenty of shade and birdlife. If you can find it, enjoy.

Lake Kununurra

The lake itself is one of the best places to swim and do a bit of waterfall spotting after the wet season. Hire a dinghy or book a cruise get the most out of Lake Kununurra. The bird and fish life are astounding, might even sight a freshwater croc if the timing is right.

Swim Beach

Swim Beach (only minutes away from Kununurra township) is easy to access with toilet and BBQ facilities, if you just want a dip to cool down from you Kimberley adventures.

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