Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve

//Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve

Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve

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Surrounded by the harshness of the East Kimberley landscape is this amazing oasis thriving with birdlife and local history. This area has cultural significance to the local Miriwoong and Gajirrawoong people.

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Parry’s  Lagoons  Nature  Reserve  and  Marglu  Billabong  — 15km  south  of  Wyndham  off  the  Great  Northern Highway

The  wetlands  of  the  Nature  Reserve  provide  an  important  feeding  and  breeding  area  for  many  birds.

In  addition  to  the  wetland  of  the  Ord  River  flood  plain,  this  36,000ha  reserve  includes  grasslands,  woodlands  and  rugged  sandstone  out-crops  and  ranges.

Marlgu  Billabong  features  a  boardwalk  and  shaded  bird  hide  to  take  in  the  sights  and  sounds,  the  birds  and  maybe  even  a  crocodile.  Interpretive  display  boards  assist  in  identifying  the  surroundings  and  help  to  appreciate  the importance  of  this  wetland  area.

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