4WD Adventures in East Kimberley Style

//4WD Adventures in East Kimberley Style

4WD Adventures in East Kimberley Style

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Looking  for  a  little  more  adventure  and  have  a  reliable  4wd? Why not spend the day in our East Kimberley Adventure playground?

Instead  of  following  the  highway  both  to  and  from  Wyndham.  You  can  take  the

Old  Wyndham  road  and  Parry’s  Creek  road  which  takes  you  past  some  of  the  regions  beautiful  waterfalls  (most  only  run  seasonally).

The  Old  Hall’s  Creek  Gold  Rush  Track  starting  at  Parry’s  Creek  Farm

and  is  13km  long.  It  was  built  using  prison  labour  during  the  Hall’s  Creek  Gold  Rush  and  was  used  by  miners  to  push  their  carts  and  barrows  to  the  gold  fields.  The  rocks  used  to  pave  the  road  can  still  be  seen  in  places.

Crocodile  Hole 10kms  along  the  old  Hall’s  Creek  Gold  Rush  Track,  this  waterhole  is  true  to  its  name  so  don’t  go  swimming.  You’ll  often  see crocs  sunning  themselves.

King  River  Road 

Beginning  from  the  highway  just  out  of  Wyndham and  ending  at  the  Gibb  River  Road,  this  4WD  track  includes  numerous  creek crossings.  The  road  will  lead  you  to

  • Moochalabra Dam, completed in 171 was constructed to supply water to the Wyndham area. The uniquely constructed dam is designed to allow overflow to pass through the rock on the crest of a hill.
  • Aboriginal rock  paintings of Wandjina spirit ancestors and animals can be found off the King River Road.
  • The Prison  Tree was once used a prison by travelling police patrols as an overnight lockup for prisoners
  • Historical Singh’s  Gardens are the remnants of a site where on Afghan Chinaman in the early 1900s established vegetable gardens to produce food to be sold at the marketplace. The overgrown garenbeds, a hut and well is all that remain today.
  • King River and  various  fishing  spots  on  the  tidal  reaches  of  the  river ways may fulfil a fisherman’s dream of catching the mighty Barra

Tag-along tour operators can guide you to these any many other site unknown to the average tourist. See our Tour Desk in Reception for more information.

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